Our opening hours are from 09h00 to 19h00. If you book your rental or pick-up outside of these hours on our office you will be charged 15€ by our team. Rentals at the Airport or Hotel outside these hours will also be charged an extra cost of 15€, only only on the car delivery, not on return.

Delivery and Return


If you have a reservation for the airport, the rent a car will pick you up from the airport arrivals, our meeting point is at the exit next to the Cistiano Ronaldo Busto (CR7), we will transport you in a van to our office in Funchal.
The return of the car at the airport is made at departures from the entrance doors to the terminal at the agreed time between 9h and 20h, if the return is between 20h and 9h, the return is made in the Park number 7 and you will have to give us the details of a Credit Card to guarantee the fuel tank or you can buy the fuel tank from the company, the amount varies between 60 and 80 euros, depending on the vehicle  class you rent.


Delivery and Return:
The rent a car will deliver and collect your car at your hotel in the center of Funchal, if you rent a car from us through an operator we will charge you 20€ delivery and return if you have hired directly from your hotel or our rent a car directly, the delivery and return will be free. If your hotel is far from the city of Funchal, the  rent a car may charge 20€ for delivery and return.


If you are far away from one of our offices, you can contact our rent a car, we will go to the center of Funchal to pick you up or to your hotel, if you have hired from an operator this service may cost 20€.
When you return the car to our office located in São Martinho, the rent a car will drop you off at Avenida go Mar, next to Praça CR7, if you want somewhere else it may cost 20€.

Insurances, Deposits and Franchises

The rent a car has 3 insurances available, the Normal (CDW), the Super (SCDW) the Additional.

Normal Insurance (5€ per day)

It is the minimum compulsory insurance, this insurance is a third party insurance that the car must have to travel under rental, with this insurance the car is the responsibility of the customer, however the damage caused to third parties are assumed by this insurance.

Super Insurance (10€ per day)

This is the insurance against all risks, with this insurance you are free of any liability caused by accident and theft in the car.

Additional Insurance (2€ per day)

This is an insurance for windows, tires and bottom of the car, these 3 things are not included in the normal insurance, nor in the super.

Deposits and Franchises

Our deposits are applied in these situations
When you don't contract the super insurance (total protection) when picking-up the car (500€).
Everytime you rent a scooter (250€).
Fuel policy
Our vehicles are rented with a full deposit.

When the car is delivered to a hotel, this is free, however we will spend a little of your fuel to get to you, if the rent a car comes to you with less fuel, you should return the full tank with the exact same amount as before, we need to keep the tank always full for the next customer.

If you do not want to return the full deposit you always have the option when you rent the car to buy the fuel tank, which will vary between 60€ and 80€ depending on the class of your vehicle.

If you have not purchased the deposit in advance and have not returned the full tank, the rent a car will charge you 25 € for each missing quarter deposit, ie around 100€ for the fuel deposit. Attention, the rent a car doesn't take you to the gas station with you.

Troubleshooting and travel assistance

If your car malfunctions, we will come to you within 45 minutes, rent a car will pick you up on the road, we will take you to our park to get you another car, if it is not possible to deliver your car to se will take you to your hotel and repair the car on the same day, the time you stay without a car will be extended in your rental period, we will charge the missing fuel in your car with a stipulated price of 25€ for each quarter of deposit.

The assistance is free, but be warned, if the assistance is related to the car battery we will charge 70€, our batteries are replaced every year, they will only discharge if something is kept on the car for several hours, radio, headlights, etc...

Cancellations, returns and complaints


Your reservation may be canceled free of charge if you ordered the full protection insurance, otherwise cancellationcost may be up to the full rental price.

If you attend the day after the day of booking, your rental will no longer be valid.


After the car hire, if you wish to cancel rental days, it is possible, but the rent a car will not return your money from the remmaining days.


If you are not satisfied with your car or with any equipment rented from our rent a car, please contact us and we will change your car or equipment as soon as possible. In neither case will we return money.


If you have an accident you must contact the rent a car straight away to call the insurance, you will need to submit the accident declaration accordingly, otherwise the company may refuse any liability.


Fines must be paid on time, if you get a fine and do not pay within 24 hours, the rent a car will charge the fine plus a fee of 22.50 €.